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Name Toyo Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Head Office and Komae Plant
@2-26-13, Nakaizumi, Komae-City, 201-0012, Tokyo

Isehara Plant@
@44, Suzukawa, Isehara-City, 259-1146, Kanagawa

Osaka office
1-11-4-1100, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-City, 530-0001, Osaka  

Establishment March 9, 1926
Capital 60 million yen
Main Business Activities
1. Manufacture, processing and sale of precious metal chemical products and industrial chemicals
2. Recovery, refining, processing and sale of precious metals
Representative President and Representative Director Takashi Kikuchi
Employees 38 as of March 2018
Correspondent banks Mizuho Bank, Seijo Branch
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Seijo Branch
Yamagata Bank, Tokyo Branch
Affiliations Association of precious-metal chemical products
Manufactured items Silver nitrate@AgNO3
Potassium silver cyanide@K[Ag(CN)2]
Silver cyanide@AgCN
Silver sulfate@Ag2SO4
Silver oxide@Ag2O
Palladium chloride@PdCl2
Tetraammine palladium (II) chloride@[Pd(NH3)4]Cl2
Palladium nitrate (II) solution Pd(NO3)2
Plus many other types of precious-metal chemical products
Equipments Silver nitrate production equipment (monthly production: 40,000 kg)
Potassium silver cyanide production equipment (monthly production: 10,000 kg)
Silver cyanide production equipment (monthly production: 3,000 kg)
Silver sulfate production equipment (monthly production: 300 kg)
Silver oxide production equipment (monthly production: 1,000 kg)
Palladium chloride production equipment (monthly production: 1200 kg)
Precious metal recovery and refining equipment
Plus many other precious-metal chemical products production equipment.