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March 1926 Takagi Silver Nitrate Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. established in Oimachi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo with capital of 25,000 yen.
Production of silver nitrate started.
October 1935 Plant transferred to Komae-shi.
February 1942 Renamed Toyo Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
December 1963 Capital increased to 15 million yen.
April 1973 Commences full-capacity production of silver cyanide, potassium silver cyanide and other silver salts.
June 1979 Palladium chloride production equipment completed. Production of palladium chloride started.
November 1987 Award presented by the head of the Tokyo Regional Bureau of International Trade and Industry, for the plantfs excellence in the implementation of industrial standards and quality control.
July 1989 Capital increased to 30 million yen.
September 1990 Construction of Isehara Plant, located in the industrial complex in Isehara-shi, Kanagawa, completed. Recovery and refining division transferred to the new facility.
January 1991 Tetraammine palladium (II) chloride production equipment completed. Operation started at the Isehara Plant.
December 2000 Capital increased to 60 million yen.
June 2001 Acquires ISO 9001.
August 2005 Acquires ISO 14001.
May 2009 Production plant for palladium(II) sulfate completed at the Isehara Plant.
May 2010 Production plant for silver powder completed at the Isehara Plant.
April 2015 Production plant for silver nitrate completed at the Isehara Plant.