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Since its foundation in 1926, Toyo Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. has satisfied the precise demands of society by being true to its basic philosophy of striving to provide consistently high grade products.
Toyo Chemical Industrial has become highly regarded as only all-round manufacturer of precious metal chemical products in Japan.
We apply the particular physical and chemical properties of precious metals to photography, electronics, petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals, glass, reagents, pharmaceuticals and many other fields. Our technology forms an essential part of all spheres of industry.
In particular, the significant progress in electronics industries in recent years has broadened the applications of precious metals, which play increasingly important roles.
We have earned a significant amount of trust in many circles by establishing a strict quality control system that is consistent throughout the entire process of developing raw materials into finished products.
However, being able to consistently satisfy the new needs of the market requires continuous efforts through technological advances and the research and development of new products.
With the aim of making a modest contribution to society and to the future, the progress we make as we rise to our next challenges will be based on the technologies we have accumulated over many years.

Takashi Kikuchi , President and Representative Director