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  • Silver nitrate
  • Potassium silver cyanide
  • Silver cyanide
  • Silver sulfate
  • Silver oxide
  • Silver carbonate
  • Silver acetate
  • Silver chloride
  • Palladium chloride (II)
  • Tetraammine palladium (II) chloride
  • Palladium (II) sulfate solution
  • Palladium (II) nitrate
  • Silver powder

  • Conductive coating materials
  • Catalyst
  • Reagent
  • Silver oxide batteries
  • Dark brown heavy powder. Poorly soluble in water and highly soluble in nitric acid.
  • Highly soluble in nitric acid.
  • Poorly soluble in water.
  1. Silver Oxide is a toxic substance. Do not put it in your mouth or eyes and not apply it to skin.
  2. When handling it, wear a protective glaves,glasses,mask and other kinds of protective gear.
  3. Make sure that silver Oxide is always used near an exhaust system.
  4. Keep it away from light and make sure to lock the storage location.
  5. Please refer to our SDS (Safty Data Sheet) for further details.



Silver Oxide, Special grade
Item Specification
Purity Min. 99.95%
Silver(Ag) Min. 99.92%
Deduction of quantity by drying
Max. 0.25%
Free alkali (NaOH) Max. 0.012%
Substances not precipitated by hydrochloric acid (expressed as SO4) Max. 0.05%

SDS (Safty Data Sheet)

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