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Palladium (II) sulfate solution
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Transparent blackish brown sulfuric acid acidic solution of palladium sulfate.
  1. Tetraamine Palladium (II)Chloride is a toxic substance. Do not put it in your mouth or eyes and not apply it to skin.
  2. When handling it, wear a protective glaves,glasses,mask and other kinds of protective gear.
  3. Make sure that Tetraamine Palladium (II)Chloride is always used near an exhaust system.
  4. Avoid the contact with strong alkali and the reducing material, and keep it storage location.
  5. Please refer to our SDS (Safty Data Sheet) for further details.
UN No.2796 Sulphuric acid(with 51% or less asid)

Palladium (II) Sulfate Solution
Item Specification
Appearance Blackish brown Transparence
Specific gravity 1.300 - 1.325
Palladium content(Pd) 3.92 - 4.08%
Assay(H2SO4) 32.00 - 34.00%
Copper(Cu) Max. 10ppm
Iron(Fe) Max. 30ppm
pH Max. 1
Nitrate Max. 700ppm
Chloride(Cl) Max.250ppm

SDS (Safty Data Sheet)

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